Colouring Old Photos

One of my favourite hobbies would have to be colouring old photos. To put some colour into the cheeks of an image over 100 years old, suddenly brings them to life and lets you see them in a whole new (colourful) light.

I use Adobe Photoshop to colour them, with each colour a separate layer. With up close portraits I use a combination of colours for the skin; the usual flesh and blush tone, but also blues, yellows and even greens!

When I first started, it was landscapes that caught my fancy, especially streetscapes of my hometowns of Perth and Fremantle.

Wellington Street, Perth, c.1906

Corner of Wellington & Barrack Street, Perth, c.1906

View image here if animation does not load.

But when I started on portraits, especially ones of my ancestors, it was truly amazing to be able to see them in a new way. Just adding colour seemed to give them a more multidimensional feel that also gave a feeling of knowing them just that little bit better.

Coloured Photo c.1945

Coloured Photo c.1945

Coloured Photo c.1907

Coloured Photo c.1907


Australian War Memorial - Unknown WWI Soldier P06003.001

Unknown WWI Soldier – Australian War Memorial, P06003.001


Coloured Photo, 1907

Coloured Photo, 1907


Coloured Photo c.1870's

Coloured Photo c.1870’s


Coloured Photo 1950's

Coloured Photo 1950’s


Coloured Photo 1907

Coloured Photo 1907


Coloured Photo c.1918

Coloured Photo c.1918


You can see more here.


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